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Empowering Medela Australia to become the leading local subsidiary of their global brand

As the market-leader in breastfeeding products, Medela approached us in 2015 to help shape the digital direction for their Australian arm and remain relevant to a new generation of mums

Getting to the bottom of what mums really want to hear

We began with a Digital and Brand Audit, which revealed that although Medela wanted to be the trusted expert for mums, their online experience was causing even more distress for mums at an already stressful time.

An idealised version of motherhood – communicated both by their content and brand aesthetic – was also alienating mums. We also found that they were were relying too much on their strong brand reputation – and that their competitors were doing all they could to overtake. In response, we co-crafted a defensive branding strategy with the team to maintain Medela’s territory and brand integrity.

This piece of work was so instrumental in shaping Medela’s digital future that they presented it at their global conference.

Launching brand new products

ntegrity spearheaded the digital launch of the new MyMedela app in Australia. Our email, social media and Google marketing campaigns saw Australia become one of the worldwide leaders in app downloads: despite having one of the smallest teams and budgets.

At their global conference in 2016, they presented on the success and learnings of this campaign. Their main insight? Working with stronger partners – not more partners. We are now one of only two agencies that Medela chooses to work with.

A partner into the future

We were able to bring clarity to Medela’s annual planning with a vision-setting workshop and a brand new strategic plan. We also workshopped their soon-to-be-launched email automation strategy, mapping user journeys for expectant and new mums and aligning content to support them at key points in their journey. We continue to manage their social media and Google and Social Advertising campaigns (new 2017 campaigns saw 2090+ likes and 1300+ app installs in just one month) and are soon to kick-off a research project to establish a strategy for engaging professionals.

new likes in 3 months
app installs in just one month
position for app downloads in 2016 despite having the smallest team & budget


Our experience with ntegrity has completely revolutionised our digital marketing strategy. We recently were asked by our Head Office to present in Germany to present at our International Marketing meeting to all of our global subsidiaries on our digital strategy as a best practise example.
- Jarrod Percy, Medela Australia's CEO
It became very clear that a fully integrated digital strategy was critical to our current and future success, hence myself and our leadership team committed to driving a proactive digital agenda and being role model leaders in it. Our team now has the required freedom, autonomy and investment required to ensure overall digital success.
- Jarrod Percy, Medela Australia's CEO
We are proud to be working with such a creative and professional digital agency. Having ntegrity become an extension of our digital/social team has allowed our online growth to be nothing short of remarkable. They are a great team to work with, always approachable and very efficient in moving from idea to outcome.
- Jarrod Percy, Medela Australia's CEO