A better way to skill up in Digital Marketing

by Richenda Vermeulen
December 22, 2017

Here’s the thing about Digital Marketing: it’s changing fast. Really, really fast. If you feel like you’re sometimes treading water, you’re not alone.

The Training Gap

Earlier this year, we interviewed 150+ Australian companies about their digital marketing. One of the most amazing findings was that 70% of employees working in digital marketing have no formal training.

_No. Formal. Training._Literally everything has been learned on the job.

The Confidence Gap

The second most surprising fact? Of people without formal training in digital marketing, only 54% are confident in their ability to do their job. That’s like asking your team, “Do you think you can do your job?” And half of them say no.

With formal training, however, that figure rose massively… 80% of employees with some formal training felt confident in their ability to do their job.

The Education Gap

We also spoke with two large Australian universities, neither of which currently offer, or is looking to offer, specific digital marketing curriculum. The main reason why? They don’t have professors with the skills to teach it.

I meet with so many brands and people who are hungry to increase their digital marketing skills, but they haven’t come across the right course or education option.

So here’s what we’re doing about it.

ntegrity Academy

In response to this clear need for professional training in Digital Marketing, earlier this year we piloted ntegrity academy—a 12-session Digital Marketing course, designed for marketers who want to increase their digital skills. We brought in 8 digital experts (including me!) who each taught their specialities: the most in-need and practical skills. This is significantly different to other courses I’ve seen, that use one teacher across a wide range of topics.

According to the feedback and reviews we’ve received, it was a smashing success. So we’re running the course again.

We have 12 more spots available in the upcoming course which starts September.

If you’re ready to enrol, sign up here. Use the promotional code “BLOG” to save 10%.

You can check out the the full curriculum here.

Please pass on the course (and discount code!) to anyone you think would be interested.