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Created to address the specific needs of not-for-profits and purpose-driven organisations, Digital Academy delivers on-demand training to meet your immediate needs.

Our comprehensive curriculum and online delivery format was built by online learning experts, using the insights, knowledge and successes we’ve had working with some of Australia’s best-known companies and causes.  

Taught by Industry Experts

Taught by experienced not-for-profit marketers and digital fundraisers, each video session was created using insights and experience from our work on award-winning campaigns with some of Australia's best-known causes and brands. 


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"You’ve got a real point of difference with Academy. I love that you’re sharing learnings in a real, actionable way. I really like the web interface, and I can re-watch the sessions on my way to work."  

Aaron Henry General Manager, Communications Special Olympics Australia

“Academy took my learnings to another level. I started with a basic understanding of digital engagement, but now I have a clear vision of success, and the confidence and knowledge to get there.”  

Lynne Kooij Digital Engagement Coordinator, Australians Together

Led by some of the best in Australia

Your teachers are from ntegrity, an award-winning agency recognised for excellence in digital marketing and strategy.

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  • Digital vision
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Measurement plan
  • User experience design

Digital Marketing

  • Google Analytics
  • SEO planning
  • Social media advertising
  • Content marketing

Professional Development

  • Leading digital teams
  • Building professional growth maps

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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW IS DIGITAL ACADEMY DIFFERENT FROM OTHER ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING COURSES? This is the most in-depth digital marketing course created specifically for people in NFPs and purpose-driven teams.  

Academy uses the same strategic framework that has worked, time and time again, with ntegrity’s clients, and guides you through each step of setting and executing your strategy. 

WHAT DO PREVIOUS STUDENTS SAY ABOUT THE COURSE? Here’s what Academy graduates say about us:  

“I like that there is something in each session I can take away to implement immediately.”    

“Real examples used in the exercise provided helpful information to each of us.”

Digital Academy from $399 (excl GST)

WHO IS THE COURSE DESIGNED FOR? ntegrity academy is best suited for: • Non-digital marketers who want to work more effectively with their digital team • Digital marketers or communications agents who want to gain confidence and cross-channel competence to grow their career • Entrepreneurs who want to get past tactics and use digital marketing strategically • Executives and managers who need to gain digital fluency to thrive in the digital world  

I’M NOT SURE IF ACADEMY IS RIGHT FOR ME. CAN I SPEAK WITH SOMEONE? Of course! Give us a call on 1300 904 770. We’d be happy to discuss your needs.