Digital Recruitment

Need digital talent, but not sure where to look? We can help.

How does recruitment work?

Are you looking for a head of digital, website coordinator, customer experience manager, or search and analytics specialist, but don’t know how to find the right fit? ntegrity’s got your back!

As digital experts, we have a deep understanding of the requirements, skills, experience and cultural qualities needed for each digital role. We can write the JD, develop tests for capabilities, screen applicants and attend or conduct interviews to ensure you find the right candidate to take your digital to the next level.

From running the whole recruitment process for you, or acting as a support, we’ll make sure your next big investment in your team is worthwhile.

What you get

We can be a part of…

  • Writing the job description.
  • Managing the job posting.
  • Screening applications.
  • Developing capability tests.
  • Conducting or attending interviews.
  • Providing objective feedback following the interviews.

Have a challenge for us?

Let’s talk about what you’re after. No obligation, no fee.

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