Fundraising Through Digital Performance Marketing

We know the incredible impact that not-for-profits (NFPs) have on the world every day. That’s why growing awareness, acquiring new leads and donors and driving donation revenue through digital channels is so important. Digital fundraising isn’t about short bursts, to drive real growth, digital fundraising needs an always-on-performance marketing approach. Through our performance marketing retainers we empower NFPs to maximise their fundraising and brand potential: driving awareness, relevance and action.

What is digital performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a results-driven approach that defines our digital strategy. At ntegrity we combine our deep knowledge of the NFP sector with best-in-class digital advertising capabilities to help you achieve your fundraising and marketing targets and increase your ROI.

Our trained SEO, Google and Meta-certified specialists understand the unique challenges NFPs face, such as rising cost-per-acquisition costs, the challenge of hiring a team with the right digital capabilities, leveraging the latest marketing and advertising technology and interpreting data to guide your decision-making. Our performance marketing retainers exist to help not-for-profits access a specialist team and make a measurable difference to the goals that matter to them.

To drive these results, performance marketing retainers focus on the following channels:

  • Paid Search (SEM) Google or Microsoft

  • Google Grants or Microsoft Grants

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

  • Paid Social advertising

  • Programmatic display, video, native and audio advertising

Paid Search (SEM)

Paid search campaigns allow you to take a data-driven approach to being discoverable online, capturing existing demand and driving fundraising results. Whether your goal is to drive donations, generate leads or to increase engagement in your program, we develop tailored strategies that align with your organisation's unique mission and objectives. 

Paid search is highly targeted – this ensures your organisation is visible to relevant searches that show a contextually relevant intent. This channel is known to drive immediate results, with a strong ROI.

However, the paid search landscape can be complex and competitive to navigate without the right expertise. There are also unique opportunities that NFPs can use to enhance their digital marketing strategies, for example taking an integrated approach to paid search, Google Grants and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google Grants and Bing Ad Grants

Only available to charities, Google Grants and Microsoft Ad Grants are unique programs that provide charities with free monthly advertising budget (up to $10,000 USD for Google Charity Grants and up to $3,000 for Bing Ad Grants). 

We can help you to secure your grants accounts, maximise your Grants allocation and apply any learnings to your other paid digital channels. Grants are another way to amplify your message and reach the right people.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search is the number #1 way Millennials and Gen Z discover new brands (GWI, 2022). But you can’t pay your way to the top, you must leverage a mixture of paid and organic and SEO Is a key component of the marketing mix for a powerful performance marketing strategy.

A strong SEO strategy will help you broaden your reach, increase brand awareness, reduce your acquisition costs long-term and ensure that you continuously drive relevant, valuable visits to your website all year round.   

With the help of an SEO specialist who truly understands the not-for-profit space, you can better understand what relevant topics your audience is seeking answers to and craft content that ranks highly.

Paid Social Advertising (SMM – Social Media Marketing)

Paid social campaigns allow us to strategically target and engage with existing and new audiences, ensuring you reach those most likely to be interested in your cause. Investing in a well-thought-out not-for-profit social media advertising strategy is key.

We target the right audiences for your cause by leveraging a mixture of first-party data, lookalike audiences, detailed demographic and affinity targeting, and accessing premium audiences through Experian, Roy Morgan and Eyota. 

We then create compelling performance ad creative to connect with your audience on social media. This channel is key to driving awareness, priming, engaging and converting high-quality audiences.

Unlike search strategies, social media advertising allows not-for-profits to find, meet and speak to supporters. ntegrity’s creative & digital teams have built impactful award-winning campaigns that inspired and prompted donors to take action.

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Programmatic advertising is a sophisticated approach to reaching your target audience across various digital channels. This method uses automated and data-driven buying and selling of digital advertising space - accessing everything from Video, Radio, Digital Out Of Home, Podcasts, Catch Up TV and more.

In programmatic advertising, software and algorithms are used to purchase and optimise ad placements in real time. As programmatic systems continuously analyse the performance of ads and make real-time adjustments, leveraging this in the not-for-profit sector gives you an edge and ensures your ads are reaching the right audience and achieving the desired outcomes.

Digital performance marketing is playing a crucial role in helping not-for-profits drive continual year-round revenue and new donor acquisition.

FAQs About Digital Performance Retainers

How do I drive year-round fundraising revenue?

Driving year-round fundraising revenue can be achieved by being in market all year long, not just during campaigns or appeals. 

Our digital performance retainers ensure you’re in market 365 days of the year - driving lead generation, cash or single gift donors, regular donors, bequests, major donors, community fundraisers, event registrations and more.

This is achieved through being discoverable on search through SEM, Google Grants and SEO, growing awareness through social media advertising and programmatic, driving traffic and interest through SEM and social media advertising and conversions via all channels.

How do I stay present for existing donors?

How do I enhance performance for my digital fundraising campaigns?

What to look for in a performance marketing agency?

Is performance marketing worth it?

We see ntegrity as a key extension of our team. Their strategic intelligence doesn’t stop at delivering a digital strategy, but has extended to regular mentoring, training, strategy implementation, workshop facilitation, and a commitment to regularly learning and responding as tactics are activated and the market responds. We could not have found a better digital partner.
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CEO, Australians Together


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