Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation: The Lab

Expanding a community of loyal givers.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) had a loyal community of dedicated donors and partners in realising their vision of every woman, everywhere, being free from the threat of ovarian cancer. But they needed help in growing their recurring donation program in order to provide sustainable funding for the organisation and continue supporting the lifesaving research they fund.

We knew that the OCRF would benefit from developing a new giving product, with a strong sub-brand and dedicated launch through digital channels, primarily social media to leverage the community-building work done by the OCRF in previous years. The foundations of a large community of long-term donors were in place; what was needed was a compelling brand and giving proposition, and broader awareness.

Making breakthroughs with The Lab.

The idea was to invite OCRF’s regular givers into The Lab.

To some, the lab is just a room in a hospital or institute, or the setting for science class. But to the OCRF, The Lab is where life-saving breakthroughs take place. It’s where lives are saved and where the outcome of an ovarian cancer diagnosis can be changed.

With so much hope and power existing in one room, we wanted to invite donors along for the journey. After all, the donors are the ones who will help make each breakthrough a reality.

Developing a strong, brave voice.

We held a photoshoot that put OCRF’s heroes — their researchers — front and centre. We built a connection between donors and researchers to make sure that everyone, whether or not they’ve been personally affected by ovarian cancer, could feel part of the OCRF’s mission.

We positioned regular donations as a way to ensure researchers don't need to worry about grants and funding drying up. Instead, thanks to donors, the OCRF’s currently funded researchers can stay focused in The Lab doing what they do best: making lifesaving breakthroughs.


of launch acquisition targets
monthly revenue target
of launch acquisition targets
monthly revenue target

Services used:

  • Creative Concept
  • Brand Development
  • Digital Campaign
  • Photo & Video Shoot
  • Media Management
ntegrity was central to growing our community of monthly donors. They developed a concept, The Lab, that clearly linked the OCRF’s purpose and the role of regular giving in funding research. This striking and modern look is unique to us and really resonated with our supporters . The growth in regular giving funds has been significant for us!
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