World Vision International: Childhood Rescue

World Vision’s mission.

World Vision International’s one-of-a-kind global fundraising campaign, Childhood Rescue, offers donors a new kind of proposition to support. Targeting younger (25-40), globally-minded donors in 21 countries, the campaign funds lifesaving work in some of the world’s most dangerous places, such as Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

Currently, World Vision supports 3.4 million children through child sponsorship. However, millions more live in parts of the world where conflict or unrest makes traditional humanitarian programming impossible. The Childhood Rescue program exists to deliver fast, urgent help so these vulnerable children can survive, recover and build a future.

But World Vision International hadn’t had success in the past in connecting with Childhood Rescue's target audience - millennial donors. It was looking for new thinking and a new campaign.

A campaign to connect with millennial donors

With news and newsfeeds having less borders, Gen X and Millennials are keenly aware of global issues. They’re interested in what’s happening, how they can respond, and the difference they can make.

Issues of climate, food and refugee crises are changing lives in an instant. So “in an instant” became the key proposition for the campaign.

In an instant.

We created a look and feel for the brand that was almost journalistic, giving people an insight into what was happening in the world’s most dangerous places.

We combined this with creative on video (thanks to Jack Nimble), digital ads, email, landing pages that interrupted people’s feed – for example, climate news interrupted with the realities of a child forced into sexual exploitation, or footage of kids playing interrupted by conflict.

We also aligned this to key “energy moments” points in the calendar that leverage an international day such as World Refugee Day. And recommended channels that young donors can be found on – everything from Instagram to Tik Tok.

An international campaign.

We also developed a campaign plan, media plan and roadmap that was practical and allowed World Vision’s 20+ international support offices to roll it out on their own channels, depending on context and size.


of reporting offices indicated that the CHR campaign saved on time, resources and internal costs.
of reporting offices drive engagement on social media and create awareness.
different offices around the world adapted and localised CHR campaign


"We wanted to tell these emotive, unexpected stories while also driving donations for Childhood Rescue to support these communities. 

We wanted to partner with an agency that understood how to link a powerful creative idea to drive fundraising results."

Services Used

Campaign Concept Development
Creative, Design & Video
Appeal Creative
Digital Fundraising Asset