When Clients Change You (For Good)

by Richenda Vermeulen
June 11, 2019

It’s been seven years since ntegrity was born. Seven years since I started believing the best way I could help the world was to help good organisations grow.

To our amazing clients over the years, I want to say THANK YOU.

You have tough jobs.

You’re trying to impact the world with limited resources.

I’m inspired by your perseverance, and your teams, and the courage you show. My heart and mind have been expanded.

I wanted to take a moment to recognise a few organisations:

  • AFL Players: Whether you’re a CEO or an AFL player, mental health at work matters. Thanks for leading the way in looking after your people.

  • Australians Together: Thank you for your tireless work in advocating for reconciliation and a more accurate understanding of Australia’s history. Your work has broken my heart and helped me find my voice.

  • Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation: The work you’re doing in funding research and educating people about the need for an early detection test for ovarian cancer is going to help save women’s lives. Thank you.

  • YourGrocer: Thanks for making it easy for me to support local Aussie farmers and shops — and to automate healthy food!

  • Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust: Thanks for caring for the Victorian community so well in their times of grief and pain. Your approach to providing for families is globally recognised — for good reason.

  • WISE Employment: As a former social worker, I love the way you approach partnering with people with disabilities and helping them into employment. Thank you for your services.

I wish I could name each of the HUNDREDS of organisations and people that have joined me over the past 7 years who are pushing this world to become a better place. It’s an honour to stand with you in the trenches and help good grow.

As a judge at the recent Mumbrella marketing awards, I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of some of the most noteworthy campaigns in Australia. I walked away feeling more confident in our work than ever.

One theme of the strategies we work on is that our partners put people first.

In an age where marketing can be dominated/distracted by focusing on tools, the clients we work with are equally investing in their teams.

I’ve seen you have tough conversations (even when you really didn’t want to!) to ‘nip’ issues in the bud and drive stronger culture.

You embrace doing big things with small budgets.

You keep us inspired.

To everyone who has been a part of our story, thank you.

And thanks for letting me be a part of yours.