What parents need to know about iOS 9

Social media expert Tony Lee talks to Michael and Susie at Juice1073 about the latest Apple operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 9.

Despite the shocking fact that we still have to wait another few weeks for the taco and unicorn emojis, there are some big updates to the privacy and security functions which parents should know about to keep their kids safe.


Michael: Social media is a big part of our lives, and to tell us what’s going on in the world of social media is our social media expert Tony Lee from ntegrity agency. Tony, thanks for joining us on the show.

Tony: Good to be with you, thank you.

M: Now, we’ve seen a lot in the news lately about Apple’s new iOS 9 – the operating system?

T: Yes, that’s right. iOS 9 is Apple’s most successful operating system launched to date. It comes with it a whole host of new privacy features which parents will really love.

Susie: It’s their best operating system ever – isn’t it? Is that right?

T: The most popular downloaded – I don’t know about the best! Every release they’ve had has gone out with a few bugs here and there. I think my greatest disappointment with the new iOS release is that they promised all these emojis – taco emojis, unicorn emojis – and they never happened. But they’re coming in November.

M: Are you feeling limited by that, Tony? “Mate, I’m feeling so taco right now, I don’t know how to express this.”

T: I am! There’s just some occasions where you just really want to post that unicorn emoji. There’s opportunities for that to happen – I know it!

M: Of course! Now I read something recently, the new system has a lot of ad-blocking features. And people are rather concerned about this. They’re saying, is this the end of online journalism?

T: That’s right, it’s actually quite exciting for a lot of parents, in the sense that of course now they can restrict access to inadvertent content that their kids are accessing. But certainly, it’s got the industry riled up a little bit, because if we can’t advertise some of those great websites that we access – that are paid for by advertising – will lose one of their revenue streams, so it is a bit concerning.

M: Well, I don’t know. I can see it from the advertiser’s point of view, but I don’t have an iPhone but I use Chrome and I installed AdBlocker on there and that has changed my life. You don’t know how great it is surfing without constantly having updates like ‘one weird trick to lose body fat!’

T: I have to agree with you Michael, I absolutely have to agree. Advertising can be quite disruptive can’t it.

M: But won’t this just foster a change in the way people advertise? There’s going to be advertising but it will be more native content, it will be more advertorials, a lot less of these horribly annoying pop up ads and banner ads that don’t convert that well anyway, right?

T: That’s right, and you know I think that the advertising industry is changing significantly to sort of compensate for the fact that this disruptive advertising isn’t working any more. A lot of advertising is focused now around that content generation, that native advertising, as you say. But because more and more users are having more of a personalised experience with the web, ie. the applications and the websites that they visit, they’re being served to them now based on their preferences and their browser history. We’re seeing a lot more of this native advertising working and resonating with users as well, so it’s a bit of a win-win.

S: So install the update, yes or no?

T: Look, I think it’s worth installing, just expect that you won’t get those fancy new emojis that they promised. But there’s certainly some great privacy features that the new operating system will offer, including the ability to limit some of the photos that people are looking at – you know when you hand over your phone and people are swiping through all of your albums – now you can be more restrictive of what you actually show people when you hand over your phone.

S: Great, and unicorn and taco, they appear in November you reckon. Not long to wait!

T: That’s right, looking forward to that.

M: Hold in there!

S: Thanks Tony, it’s always great catching up with you. Chat next time.

T: My pleasure, thank you.  

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