We are hiring! Calling all Operations Managers

by ntegrity team
January 17, 2017

Operations Manager (part-time)

We are seeking an Operations Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the business and ensure that we fulfil our client expectations, financial targets and long-term vision. We want someone that is switched on, innovative and wants to learn and grow with our agency.

If you’re someone who is excited by being part of a disruptive culture and wants to make a difference in the Australian digital landscape, then this is the job for you. The timing in the space has never been better. You could be a corporate refugee looking to do something new, exciting and different. This is not your ordinary office environment – Bureaucracy? Red tape? Meetings about meetings?– No! Clients first? Cutting-through agency ‘smooth talk’? Work with brands you believe in? — YES!

You will work closely with the team to ensure the effective delivery of all our client operations, cultivating new business opportunities, and maintaining a culture of high morale and dedication within the team. You will play an integral role in ntegrity’s current success and future growth. This is a high output role that straddles office and staff management, business development, financial supervision and process improvement measures.

Key responsibilities:

*Managing all processes, team-meetings and WIPs to ensure all work is completed to scope and timelines;

*Overseeing internal communications on all projects to ensure clear responsibilities and dependencies between staff;

*Ensuring that staff receive appropriate development and training opportunities;

*Producing scope of work and timelines for new and existing clients;

*Working with the Director on identifying business development opportunities including seeking and participating in RFPs;

*Managing budgets and financial forecasting;

*Taking ownership of processes that impact profitability including the setting of rates for existing and new services;

*Assessing the financial performance of various projects, clients, and staff.

Desired Skills and Expertise:


*3-5 years working on broad business issues including finance, systems, marketing and people management

*2-3 years experience working in finance or accounting

*Highly analytical mindset with an ability to see the “big picture”;

*Process driven and possess strong problem-solving skills;

*Experience managing staff of different skillsets and backgrounds;

*High oral and written communications skills;

*Ability to multi-task and prioritise competing deadlines;

*Ability to work in a high-pressure environment and think on your feet;

*A systems-focused individual with a passion for business development and continuous improvement.


*Digital agency experience;

*Client-services experience, including involvement in pitches and client presentations;

*Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Business Administration or Management;

*Experience working in a start-up environment.

The Operations Manager role is currently a part-time role however it is expected that as the agency grows this will turn likely into a full-time role. This is not a traditional, 9-5 role. You can split your hours across days, as your work/life balance is important to us. We want someone who want’s to be doing exceptional, meaningful work that stretches you professionally and makes you bounce out of bed to come to work!

Salary: $50k package (22 hrs per week), bonus based on business growth.

Still interested? Tell us why you are a great fit by emailing info@ntegrity.com.au