The 4 Ps of Purpose-Driven Work: Part 3 (Promotion)

by Richenda Vermeulen
September 28, 2021

Some people believe marketing is bad. After all, no one likes to be deceived. But as a team of for-purpose digital marketers, we think there’s more to it than that. And seeing our clients change lives each day from reaching more people from better campaigns is all the proof we need.

ICYMI: We’re reframing the old Marketing Mix you’ve all heard before, and posing a new question: what does it mean to work with purpose? You can catch part one (product) here and two (people) here. Here’s number three: Promotion.

“Marketing is just a business function”...

For someone focussed on the product or cause, it’s easy to view marketing as a necessary evil. After all, someone has to satisfy the social media machine, right? But we’re convinced marketing is more than just a business function: it’s a way of communicating what needs to be heard to people who need to hear it.

Take any one of our amazing clients - whether they’re solving ovarian cancer, ending homelessness or helping kids find a safe place to call home, we think there’s people who need to hear their message.

But if you’re not a non-profit, how do you ensure your marketing is fair, ethical, and always for good? Like always, we have some handy questions for self-reflection. Take our hand, let’s walk them together…

How do you market yourself?

There’s a reason marketing gets a bad rap. We remember receiving a brief asking us to help promote plastic surgery. But of all the meaningful uses this company could have pitched (supporting crash victims, for example), they asked us to fill a void in middle-aged women insecure about ageing. We had to ask: why? Most products have significant potential to help create good, but the way we market matters. Our ideas, strategy, creativity and execution help shape the way people reflect on themselves and the world around them. Purpose-driven promotion means taking this responsibility seriously, and aligning our work with a better world. No feeding insecurity. No selling fear. Make your intention to build, not to tear down.

Are you always transparent?

Some say marketing is deception, but we disagree. You can be honest and open in every campaign. In fact, companies rely on trust for longevity, and trust means no deception. Ask yourself: are customers really getting what we’re selling? When we’re inviting someone to an event, is it what they’re expecting? And what can you give? We’ve built our agency on trust, with a service delivery model that shares ideas, events, training, and content for free. We’re honest about hours and pricing, and should be ready to answer any question a client asks through practices and procedures. Purpose-driven promotion is all about honesty, integrity (hey, our namesake!) and always seeking to build better relationships.

Does it create good?

It’s simple, but we’ll repeat it again and again. There’s always an opportunity to ask if your marketing can help create a healthier, more peace-filled world. Can you inspire? Create? Will someone see your work and be grateful you made it? These are the questions that infuse and align your content with purpose.

Marketing is more than you’ve imagined before

Every campaign is an opportunity to create something new. Each time you brainstorm strategy, write an ad or design a post, you can inject meaning and beautiful intention into the world around you. Why wouldn’t we make the most of that?

If you want to market for good, let us know today. Our team is full of people just like you, and we’d love to connect.