An Internship That Offers More Responsibility Than Coffee Runs

by David Toporzisek
July 23, 2019

Want to join the next generation of Digital Strategists?

We’re on the lookout for digital marketing interns to join the ranks here at ntegrity. You’ll gain valuable experience in digital marketing, specifically digital strategy. Plus, you’ll work alongside some of the sharpest digital & strategy minds in Melbourne, receive training through our academy program, and work with your very own coach to help you grow and give you real responsibilities (without the coffee runs).

We are proud of the quality of our internship program; in fact, it has been our best funnel for hiring top talent to join our permanent crew!

But don’t just take it from me, here’s what previous interns have to say:

1. David

Then: 2018 intern
Now: Digital Strategist at ntegrity

“ntegrity’s internship program switches out your standard decaf, almond milk 3/4 latte coffee runs for real responsibilities. It jump-started my career in digital, giving me the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in Melbourne, stretching myself to learn new skills, take on challenges and grow both professionally and personally.”

2. Amy

Then: 2016 intern
Now: Partnerships Lead + Digital Strategist at ntegrity + finalist of B&T’s 30under30 (2016)

“I left a steady full-time career in the NFP industry to become a 26-year old intern at ntegrity because I knew this company would fast-track my growth. At the time and to everyone else looking on it appeared a stupid decision. However, it is hands down one of the best decisions of my life. Because ntegrity interns are not admin assistants, cleaners or coffee runners. They are valued members of the team, given a clear trajectory for growth.”

3. Kevin

**Then: 2014/15 intern
**Now: Technology Strategist at ntegrity + winner of B&T’s 30under30 (2016)

“Similar to how we aim to transform organisations from within, ntegrity has done that for me. I am a much better version of myself – as a strategist, a professional, and as a person overall. I’ve been blessed with having the opportunity to work, learn and grow with some of the greatest minds I know, and I’m very grateful for that. Oh, and working in my chosen industry isn’t too shabby either!”

4. Emily

**Then: 2014/15 intern
****2015 – 18: Digital Strategist at ntegrity + winner of Australia’s Biggest Social Media Geek  (2015)
**Now: Digital Marketing Coordinator at Oxfam Australia

“Joining ntegrity created a lot of openings for me. It opened my mind to the creativity and passion that motivated me to do my best work every single day. It opened my heart to a new family of colleagues (read: friends) who motivated me to do even better than my best work every single day. Opening myself to development, discomfort, discovery… navigating the ups, downs and spaces in between of each exciting step forward.”

5. Sally

**Then: 2013/14 intern
2014 – 15: Digital Strategist at ntegrity
**Now: Director, Audience Development at VaynerMedia (USA)

“ntegrity is one of those companies that you can spend your whole working life looking for, so I’m so lucky to have found it early on! The most unique thing about being interning at ntegrity was definitely how much responsibility you are given. You are looked at as an integral member of the team and your colleagues believe in you and your abilities to deliver results for clients. It’s not an internship to tick off boxes for school or pass the time over the school break. It’s a real junior position in a high performing team. ntegrity team members invest time in you and your learning and allow you to work on big projects in a variety of areas. The responsibility they give you allows you to learn fast.”

We know you want to be a part of our #teamintern success story – so here’s how to apply:

Tell us why you’re awesome and the perfect fit for ntegrity. Wow us with an impressive cover letter + CV and email us at No calls please – get our attention with digital; for serious.

Applications are being reviewed as we receive them so please apply ASAP and good luck!