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At ntegrity, we’re an out and proud millennial business.

We were founded at the beginning of the social media and sharing economy boom – a fork in the road that has completely redefined how consumers shape and make decisions.

The secret to our success is that we choose to embrace the millennial way of working: collaboratively and not in competition.

But much to our chagrin, the millennial (the generation who reached young adulthood from the turn of the millennium onwards) is a much maligned persona in the workforce: slackers with no morals, no dedication and no direction (favourite examples include “Why Gen Y yuppies are unhappy” and “Dear millennials, stop whining and do your job”).


The thing is, when you want to connect with anyone – no matter who they are or where they come from – you’ll have the most success if you try to see the world like they do. Stepping into their shoes and speaking how they speak can go a long way when it comes to making a genuine connection.

So whether you’re looking to engage youth online or making your business more millennial-friendly to capture the best new talent out there, it all starts by understanding the anatomy of a millennial.

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1. Growth

Millennials are seeking something bigger than employment: they want opportunity. So, they’re not always looking for traditional pathways to success (bonuses, promotions, awards), but overall growth. As McCrindle’s report on Gen Y at Work explains: “[they] need to feel that their jobs are equipping them for the future, that they are being invested in and valued.”

2. Contribution

Being valued means being able to voice their opinions, be heard and make a valued contribution – not just to peripheral projects and issues, but important ones too. Brands and employers alike can harness this by doing credit to millennials’ intelligence and providing space for them to make contributions that will actually be taken into account.

3. New perspectives

More than any generation before, millennials eschew tradition and don’t look to generational knowledge as their key source of information. They aspire to create their own experience and point of view, which is the drive between their quest for personal developing and finding their own dream.

4. Values & passion

75% of millennials think businesses are “too fixated on their own agendas and not focused enough on helping to improve society”. They only want to associate with brands, movements and organisations that reflect their values and align with their passions. They want to do work they’re passionate about, rather than leave their passions at home.

5. Making an impact

Along with their passions and values, millennials also take their social conscience to work with them. They are discouraged by feeling disempowered and will quickly lose interest if they feel what they’re doing is going nowhere: making a tangible impact is key to keeping them engaged.

6. Tech savvy

It goes without saying that millennials are hyper-connected and tech savvy: around 13 million Australians are on Facebook, while the average Australian owns three devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone) and goes online more than five times a day. Millennials are happy to interact with brands on Facebook, and consider a brand’s online experience to be reflective of their product or service.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility to study, travel and achieve work-life balance is a “basic expectation of new job seekers”, according to McCrindle. Many high powered business like IBM and Google have found that offering flexibility doesn’t result in reduced productivity – in fact, extending this trust boosts work ethic.

8. Momentum

Our generation has been set up for momentum. Our status as digital natives have made us aware of our own individual power to make a mark in the world, whether it’s by starting a business or simply sharing our opinions. And as the most educated generation ever, our earning potential and therefore mobility is set to skyrocket.

Because we expect momentum, standing still is a nightmare – it’s why we’ll change careers so many times; why we’ll seek out work that meets our values and passions; why we crave flexibility to broaden our horizons and live life on our own terms.

You know why that’s great? Because a world with momentum at its heart is a world that can change for the better. And who would want to get in the way of that?

Want to better engage youth online or in your workplace? We’d love to help: Get in touch.

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