3 Things That Stop You From Achieving Digital Success

If you’re sick of hearing why data is the be all and end all, you’ll love new findings from ntegrity’s annual Australian Company Digital Confidence report.

Now in its 3rd year, here’s a sneak peek into 2019’s initial insights:

1. Martech: Causing more pain than gain.

While a key motivation behind investing in Martech is to make digital processes run smoother, marketers often find the increasing fragmentation of Martech solutions is causing workflow headaches. Tracking ROI from these products has become difficult, as they often produce conflicting performance metrics. Few organisations have the resources or skills to get their increasingly complicated Martech stack to work together. As a result of this, more and more marketers are experiencing tech overload and buyer’s remorse.

2. The war for talent is real

If you’re a manager or a leader in a marketing position you know how difficult it is to not only find digital talent but to retain them. The battleground is dominated by big-spending banks offering competitive salaries. Companies that can’t compete on cash need to arm themselves with stronger incentives like providing meaningful work, opportunities for training and upskilling and making sure that new hires are working in a category they actually care about. Organisations have the pressure to do this and simultaneously provide a digitally progressive work environment.

3. Everyone wants an improved customer experience, but very few marketers are there yet

It’s never been harder to capture the attention of and truly connect with consumers. The solution that most marketers are striving for is improved CX through multi-channel personalisation. But personalised messages that speak to the interests of audiences delivered through multiple channels require a high level of consumer insight. They also need empathy, integration across departments/agencies and a sophisticated and well integrated Martech stack. If personalisation is the goal of the future, companies have to be willing to make internal shifts and invest in the right solutions that make it possible.

But it’s not all dire. These are just initial insights, the full report will also dive into what’s propelling brands forward. We’re hearing how companies are building internal capabilities, making progress toward the single customer view that drives personalisation and de-siloing to leverage the Martech stack.

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