Confidence as a digital transformation tool

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Confidence is attractive on people, so why not on digital? It may not wear it the same way, but it can have the same effect.

Indeed, one of the most critical tools brands need when driving transformation projects of any scale is confidence! But it is often the quality that is lacking – and your customers and supporters can see it.

Research shows that less than half (48%) of professional digital marketers feel highly proficient in digital marketing and the majority of them simply learn their skills on the job (82%). There’s uncertainty about what works, how to leverage digital’s strengths and overcome its weaknesses, and how to take risks that payoff.  

Two common issues we see with our clients is that they either:

  1. Know what they’re talking about but lack the confidence to communicate it to their team,
  2. Or know that something is needed and are willing to be vocal about it, but don’t have the right depth of technical expertise to explain why in a clear and compelling manner.

So instead of just faking it till you make it, here are some practical steps to grow in confidence and deliver bold digital transformation projects to your team that hit their mark, every time.

1. Communicate with clarity

To get others onside with your digital project, the delivery is key! In a moment you can either win your team over, or lose them. We want you to win.  

This means communicating with clarity. Use plain English that every single person in your team can understand. The digital world is well known for its technical terms and buzzwords that only people in the digital space really understand. Your job is to translate this into everyday speak, explaining concepts and breaking down processes and systems.

You want to make it easy for people to engage with your genius idea, not messy.

2. Upskill your digital skills

As mentioned above, nearly half of all digital marketers feel shaky and unconfident in their own digital abilities. We’ve written before about the industry-wide “digital distress” we see taking place. This is compounded by the lack of digital acumen coming out of our top universities, with students simply not learning the necessary marketing skills needed in our world today.

Some people know their business should invest in digital advertising but they don’t have enough experience or knowledge to make a detailed case for it. And others disagree with a decision being made (e.g. spending all budget on traditional media) but can’t back up their argument with statistics, technical nouse.

These issues are serving to have a serious impact on brands’ digital abilities, their confidence in the execution of campaigns, and the risks they are willing to take. So much so that 40% of marketers have low confidence in the effectiveness of their company’s marketing programs.

Our advice is to upskill. Learn more about the things you don’t understand and become experts in the things you do. We’re of the mind that we should continually be learning and the digital landscape requires it of us all, constantly.

Take the time to understand the ins and outs of the different digital platforms, look into different opinions on digital marketing strategy – and practice explaining your strategy by distilling these concepts into a couple of easy-to-understand sentences. This won’t only help others understand it better, it’ll help you too!

OR consider getting the help of an agency like us! When we say we want you to succeed, we actually mean it! Our management services always involve upskilling. We are transparent and present information in a manner that’s easy to understand, because building your team’s confidence and capabilities is at the core of everything we do. We also offer mentoring and workshops, which include face-to-face sessions on a particular skill, concept or pain point.  

3. Learn about people

Skills and communication tools do wonders, but without understanding the people you’re trying to win over, you won’t get very far at all. It’s the maker or breaker of getting good ideas off the ground.

We get it, people can be different and so very difficult to understand. In any given workplace, there’s bound to be a myriad of different personalities. Some could be enthusiastic, big-vision dreamers, and others could be fine-detailed pragtitioners.

But, the successful delivery of your digital project depends on the way you tailor what you’re saying to the people in the room. So take some time to learn about the people you’re pitching to, how they tick and what inspires them.

Needing that extra little help to help to see your brand transform digitally? We’re great at helping you upskill and offer mentoring and workshops to work on that particular skill, concept or pain point. Come say hi!

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