2016 at ntegrity – in a moment

There’s so many moments that make up a year. Those moments can be big (reaching our goals & jetting off to Thailand to celebrate) or small (those everyday team lunches), profound (moving into our first real home) or not-so-profound (our fascination with spoon mints), joyful (welcoming new team members) or painful (saying goodbye to loved team members); yet each of them have made up our year.

Reflecting on 2016, so many moments come to mind. So, we decided we’d each pick one to sum up our year at ntegrity…

What’s your 2016 moment?


 Jumping in to waterfalls, muay thai fighting and riding on motor bikes were hard to beat this year! Being in Thailand was an incredible celebration of our growth, learning and the team effort it took to get there. To be able to do exciting, sometimes scary things together was exhilarating and knowing these adventures were a celebration of our work together – that was another level! 🌴 😭🌴


It’s been a big year for ntegrity. From hitting massive revenue goals to recruiting new team members. I feel so privileged to be a part of such an amazing journey. My favourite moment was meeting and bringing onboard our newest team members and watching them become such amazing superstars. It makes me excited to see what other brilliant talent we can attract and add to our growing family.


My favourite moment was my first Strategy Day, where I met the team for the very first time. Straight away I felt right at home and so welcome. I knew that I was coming in to an organisation full of brilliant minds, but Strategy Day gave me my first glipse of what an incredibly genuine and supportive team of wonderful individuals I was about to become a part of.


My proudest moments have everything to do with the amazing people I have the privilege of working with every day. It gave me enormous pride watching the team grow in capability and confidence this year; tackling uncharted territory, managing difficult projects and trickier conversations and getting certified and awarded for their genius! In a year of unprecendented growth, reflectiing on how we have achieved our outrageous goals together, right now, I couldn’t be prouder.


It’s not very often that you find yourself surrounded by eight of your work colleagues on a dancefloor at one of your teammates’ weddings. Rosé in hand and 90s music blaring, it felt like the most natural feeling for us to all be together, celebrating the love and happiness of one of our own. Amongst Hannah and Tim’s friends and family, we danced together, we loved together, we looked to the future together, and we toasted to all of the glorious, special, and unique friendships we’ve made at ntegrity.


I had eagerly watched ntegrity grow and flourish from the sidelines over the past four years and so being asked to formally join the team earlier this year to head up transformation and culture was so exciting! This first year has been like a theme park ride that I don’t want to get off – intelligent people challenging me, inspiring clients and a new office in the centre of Melbourne that even has a roof top! But my favourite moment over the past year was getting to interview so many fabulous digital leaders as part of our research into the digital culture of Australian organisations. Sharing such honest insight; their challenges, their successes, their frustrations and their failures. Thank you for sharing your stories with us and being a comrade in influencing the digital future of Australia!


This year has been one of finding my place – and I have found it with ntegrity. It’s not because of one particular thing – like the work that challenges me every single day, or our clients that are reaching for big bold goals, or pioneering research into digital culture, or the feeling of being invested into, or the team that felt like family from the moment I joined – it’s all of those things (plus so much more) that makes ntegrity feel like home.


I’ve been so excited to witness the incredible growth ntegrity has experienced this year. From taking on the most incredible new team members imaginable to knocking our massive revenue targets out of the park, launching an entirely new service line, piloting our research project, going remote and then moving to a new office, it’s been a year none of us could have predicted. I’m just so darn chuffed to be part of ntegrity.


It’s not everyday that you get to travel across the globe with your teammates to celebrate the many successes of the company you work for. This year ntegrity has kicked big goals and I couldn’t be prouder. I remember telling my (actual) family and friends about ntegrity taking over Thailand, and I’ll never forget their reactions – they couldn’t believe it!


If you’d like to start your 2017 with a bang 💥 get in contact with the team at ntegrity now!




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