2015 at ntegrity – in one word

by Hannah Kallady
January 16, 2018

Often it’s the simplest of words that hold the most power. They’re the words that go beyond one definition; moulded by each person to take on their own significance, changing with every passing year to take on new meaning: home, love, happiness

Reflecting on the year that’s been, so many words come to mind. So, we decided we’d all pick just one (easier said than done!) to summarise 2015 with ntegrity… What would your word for 2015 be?

Fulfilment – Richenda


This year dreams I had came to life. When I started ntegrity, I had a dream to build a business that did world-changing work, shaped by incredible people. A business bigger than me, one built on passion and collective intellectual capital. Many thought it was naive to think that big (admittedly even me sometimes!)  – but in 2015 the dream became a reality with strong leaders, a stellar team and clients with the courage to soar. On the homefront, my dream of becoming a mother came true and loving baby Ashna has made my heart burst!

Unlocked – Emily


2015 was a year of openings for me. Opening my mind to the creativity and passion that motivates me to do my best work every single day. Opening my heart to a new family of colleagues (read: friends) who motivate me to do even better than my best work every single day. Opening myself to development, discomfort, discovery… navigating the ups, downs and spaces in between of each exciting step forward. Onwards, upwards, towards my unlocked 2016!

Transformation – Kevin


Similar to how we aim to transform organisations from within, ntegrity has done that for me. I am a much better version of myself – as a strategist, a professional, and as a person overall. I’ve been blessed with having the opportunity to work, learn and grow with some of the greatest minds I know, and I’m very grateful for that. Oh, and working in my chosen industry isn’t too shabby either!

Fortitude – Bec


Looking back, I feel like ntegrity has been a big steady ship in crazy, choppy waves – forging ahead and rolling with the swell, no matter if it’s storm or sunshine that mother nature throws at us! For me, this year has been a big challenge to move into a new industry and a new role.  With an incredible team around me, who have inspired me with their smarts and and devotion, it’s made it a pretty special and rewarding year.

Cadence – Tony


I used to feel incapacitated by the unknown. This year, I resolved to free myself of all of that head-banging noisiness, and learned to tune my soul towards listening, feeling and responding to the signals, sentiments, surroundings and people around me.  I have felt in lockstep with the rhythms of life, love and work since. My year in song is Por Una Cabeza played out at full volume; base moments of whimsical harmony, punctuated by exhilarating and dramatic tempo changes, and finishing with a cheeky flourish. Encore 2016!

Emergence – Hannah


Sometimes you feel like a caterpillar, finding your feet. Other times you’re in a chrysalis, waiting for the next stage: emergence. In 2015, I lived through a lot of hard decisions, reawakenings, and new beginnings! Every day at ntegrity is a learning curve; a chance to spread my wings. But I also feel able to be exactly who I am – a rarity in workplaces!

Inspiration – Maria


It’s hard when you’re searching for inspiration in a beige world. Sometimes inspiration appears when you least expect it – ntegrity did exactly this for me! I am constantly amazed at the individuality brought to the team and the way everyone adds to this loving and empathetic culture. It’s an amazing place to be – from a design perspective. #hearteyes #no1fan

Want to fill your 2016 with more ntegrity? Get in touch and let us know how we can make it happen.

Team photos by Tony Lee // Photo of Richenda by Kyle Vermeulen