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16-session course: build your digital strategy

  • Next intake: February 2018
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  • Fridays, 8am to 10am
  • Includes all course material and slides, coffee, croissants, and 1-on-1 support
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What you'll learn...
Master Key Digital Marketing Skills

Work More Effectively

Techniques You’ll Use Immediately

Gain Cross-Discipline Fluency

Great digital marketing starts with a crystal-clear plan for the future.

In this session, you’ll learn how to build and implement a digital vision for you brand that aligns with business objectives. You’ll explore each phase of the customer journey, and how it ties back to your digital vision.

  • Draft a digital vision that aligns to business objectives and market opportunities
  • Create a compelling business case for your digital vision, and a plan to influencing stakeholders
  • Understand how digital has changed the way consumer make choice
  • Develop audience personas, with a focus on their needs, desires, pains & frustrations
  • Build a customer journey as it applies to your brand and audience personas

You’ll leave this course with clear understanding of User Experience, and how it helps improve conversion.

  • Understand the basics of User Experience, including the vocabulary and concepts
  • Learn how to approach design problems, and how to discover user needs
  • Review the common tools and methods, and when to use each of them
  • Learn and practice key UX tools and methodology

Translate your business objectives into KPIs that can be measured.

In this class you’ll learn to build out a data-driven measurement plan. You’ll practice aligning metrics from your website, email marketing, and social media to you customer journey. Learn how and why various business KPI’s can (and should!) be measured.

  • Understand the role of data, metrics, and KPIs in digital marketing
  • Pinpoint the metrics you need to measure and track to your organisation’s digital success
  • Develop a custom measurement plan to pull metrics from your website, email, and social media



Get to know the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

In this class you’ll explore the Google Analytics platform and how it works. You’ll learn how to confidently navigate the platform and better interpret the data.

  • Learn how Google Analytics works, and explore the interface and the most used features
  • Learn how to set up filters and goals
  • Discover the best practices for setting up a well-structured Google Analytics account for your business.
  • Understand the common terms so you can communicate clearer


If data is King then content is Queen.

In this class you’ll learn how to build a content strategy that complements your users motivations and drivers. This will helps to make every piece of content you produce more strategic and targeted.

  • Learn how and why producing digital content can help your organisation
  • Develop a user-focused content strategy
  • Discover the key to sourcing various types of content from within your organisation

Get more traffic to your website by improving your SEO and page rankings.

In this class, you’ll learn the three essential Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills: On-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-Page SEO. Once you understand how it works, then we’ll focus on ways to improve your page rankings and the quantity and quality of leads heading to your website.

  • Learn the the skills and relevant tools to conduct keyword research and to optimise content
  • Discover the best-practices for SEO
  • Understanding how to implement On-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-Page SEO.
  • Build a simple SEO strategy that you can use

In this class, you’ll learn which social channels are best for what, and how to build your brand’s social following. You’ll also learn how to build a social media strategy that your organisation can get behind.

We’ll also cover productivity tips for best-practice time management in the realm of social media, and recommendations for tools that can be used to reduce time spent on tasks.

  • Understanding the benefits and risks of social media
  • Draft a channel plan to use for a cross-platform posting on social media.
  • Discover the best practice for social media posts, including design fundamentals & community management.
  • Discover the best third party tools to use for productivity and time-saving tactics

Learn how to effectively use Facebook and other social media channels to drive awareness, traffic, leads, and conversions.

  • Pinpoint your audience based on habits, interests, life events and locations
  • Optimise your advertising budget for the highest ROI
  • Create social media ad campaigns that stand out in news feeds

Learn the fundamentals of Google AdWords, from how AdWords advertising works, to structuring an account, to doing keyword research, as well as measuring and optimising your accounts.

  • Learn when and why to use AdWords
  • Learn how to setup and launch a successful campaign
  • Understanding keyword analysis and copywriting best practices specific to AdWords
  • Discover the best ways to manage and optimise your ads

Email marketing is an incredibly cost effective way of marketing. In many organisations, it remains the most efficient and lowest cost way of driving qualified traffic that converts.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create effective, engaging and strategic email content for your audiences.

  • Learn the best practices for email marketing, including design and copywriting, list management, segmentation, and legal requirements
  • Discover how to quickly grow your email list
  • Explore successful campaigns, and learn what makes a great email that drives conversions
  • Learn techniques to improve your open and click-through rate

Understand the key types of email marketing automation, and build a plan for how to improve your current email engagement with customers.

  • Learn the best practices for email automation, and how it’s best used
  • Explore tools and the different tech options to build and integrate communication streams
  • Understand and identify the different automation streams you need to develop
  • Discover the full potential of automation beyond just email

Learn the best way to kick off your PR and Influencer Marketing efforts. In this class, we’ll cover the impact of influencers across multiple digital channels.  Whether you’re looking to reach new audiences, challenge competitors or mitigate risk – everyone should know how to do great influencer and digital PR marketing.

  • Discover why brands are allocating more marketing budget to influencers
  • Learn why and how influencer marketing can grow your brand
  • Discover the best way to choose and approach influencers.
  • Build a clear digital PR strategy to be used by you or your business

Great digital doesn’t stop with excellent engagement. Learn how to transform an engaged social media community into customers and fans that build trust and referrals.

  • Understand “Pirate Metrics”, and how it applies it to your brand
  • Understand how to nurture supporters through the conversion cycle, and know which messages you need to send them along the way.
  • Practice writing calls-to-action that increase conversion
  • Learn how to data to improvements your conversion process for better results

Highly productive teams are fuelled by highly productive team players. However often productivity is found in the alignment of staff career trajectory with the trajectory of their organisation.

In this class you’ll set professional career goals through use of ntegrity’s personal development framework. Richenda, our CEO, will share her story, and top tips for being a highly effective and in-demand employee.

  • Build a personal development plan that aligns to your professional career goals inside your organisation and role
  • Identify the key areas where you need to improve
  • Clarify your personal goals, and they link to your career trajectory.
  • Discover the secrets of coaching and mentoring that mentor and information sources to assist in your learning and development.   

Take your analytics skills to the next level.

In this class you’ll deep dive into the Google Analytics platform. We covered the basics in our first Google Analytics session: now we’ll focus on refining your tracking and analysis skills. We’ll help you set up the goals and journeys you’ll need to measure and optimise your customer’s journey.

  • Learn how to better understand your customers using data
  • Build user segments that align to your customer journeys to measure success
  • Implement the best practices for tagging and tracking links
  • Learn how to align your Google Analytics analysis to your business objectives and customer journey

Australia is faced with a digital skills shortage and many organisations lack the leadership, vision, resources and skills to execute on their digital strategy.

You’ll see the latest research on digital culture in Australia, and how to apply those insights to your organisation. You’ll develop an understanding of their team’s existing skills and how to address skill gaps.

  • Discover the latest research on digital culture in Australia.
  • Identify the strengths and weakness of your team
  • Build a plan to influence leaders, upskill team members, and ensure resource alignment to strategic execution

Our Expert Instructors

Academy teachers are award winning professionals who use these skills every day, 
working with emerging technologies and internationally recognised brands.

Richenda Vermeulen
Richenda Vermeulen
Founder & CEO

Richenda is expert in the exponential growth of organisations and people. She’s the founder of ntegrity, and previous lead the Social Media team at World Vision. 

Ophelie Lechat
Ophelie Lechat
Head of Academy

Ophelie brings a decade of experience at cutting edge tech companies and startups. Most recently, she was the Head of Operations at SitePoint, the world’s largest learning resource for web developers. As a global expert in content strategy, her approach is based on data analysis and a deep understanding of SEO.

Andrew Ritchie
Andrew Ritchie
Head of Services

Andrew is a master of behaviour change management, digital transformation, strategy and marketing automation. Before joining ntegrity, he was the Head of Marketing at Pearson, Australia’s largest educational publisher.

Emily Malone
Emily Malone
Social Ads Specialist

Awarded “Australia’s Biggest Social Media Geek”in 2015, Emily is an absolute gun at Social Media marketing. She specialises in paid ads and lead generation.

Kevin Mok
Kevin Mok
Data + Analytics

Kevin’s an Award-winning digital strategist with a speciality in Search Engine Marketing and Google Analytics.

Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng
User Experience

Andrew is a master of UX  and user-centered design. He’s been a key part of website redesigns at World Vision and Movember, and brings a vast knowledge of tools and frameworks to helps plan brilliant digital customer experiences.

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