"Academy took my digital skills to another level."

Lynne Kooij
Digital Engagement and Marketing Coordinator

What is Academy?

Academy teaches the key tactics and strategies of modern digital marketing. 

Created specifically for not for profits and for-purpose organisations, Academy is used across Australia and abroad to upskill individuals, teams and organisations.

The comprehensive curriculum is built from the insights, knowledge, and successes we’ve had working with some of Australia’s most recognised companies and causes.

Academy is available in 3 different training options to meet your needs:

  • Digital Academy – A self-paced, 16-session course available any time, anywhere, with ongoing support from the ntegrity team. 
  • Classroom Academy – Learn from the ntegrity team in person over 16 weekly sessions, taught in the Melbourne CBD. 
  • Custom Academy – The best options for teams of 3 or more. Skills assessments, custom curriculum development and in-house training sessions specifically for your organisation.

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16 sessions on strategy, execution and professional skills for the digital world


  • Digital Vision & Customer Journey
  • User Experience Design
  • Building a Measurement Plan
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media for Engagement
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • PR & Influencers
  • Managing Digital Workflows
  • Building a Career in the Digital World
Aaron Henry
"I'm using ntegrity's Digital Academy as a jumping-off point to deepen my knowledge of each subject. I really like the web interface, and I can re-watch the sessions on my way to work."
Aaron Henry
General Manager
General Manager


Academy was created for marketers, entrepreneurs and leaders at not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisations, who want to develop their digital marketing skills. The course activities and examples are sourced from our experience working with some of Australia’s biggest not-for-profits and commercial clients.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a veteran digital marketer, get in touch with our team to discuss where Academy fits in your professional growth.

Our Expert Instructors

Academy teachers are award winning professionals who use these skills every day, 
working with emerging technologies and internationally recognised brands.

Richenda Vermeulen
Richenda Vermeulen
Founder & CEO

Richenda is expert in the exponential growth of organisations and people. She’s the founder of ntegrity, and previous lead the Social Media team at World Vision. 

Ophelie Lechat
Ophelie Lechat
Head of Academy

Ophelie brings a decade of experience at cutting edge tech companies and startups. Most recently, she was the Head of Operations at SitePoint, the world’s largest learning resource for web developers. As a global expert in content strategy, her approach is based on data analysis and a deep understanding of SEO.

Kyle Vermeulen
Kyle Vermeulen
Head of Marketing

As a former CMO and experienced Digital Marketer, Kyle shares practical ways to improve your marketing and get better results. He’s helped grow donations at not for profits, scaled revenue at a tech company, and teaches on user experience (UX) and acquiring customers.

Kevin Mok
Kevin Mok
Data + Analytics

Kevin’s an Award-winning digital strategist with a speciality in Search Engine Marketing and Google Analytics.

Hannah Kallady
Hannah Kallady
Content and Email Specialist

Hannah’s work on digital strategy, and her expertise in content strategy and creation, have helped some of Autralia’s biggest not-for-profit organisations.

Lynne Kooij
"Academy took my digital skills to another level. I started with a basic understanding of digital engagement, but now I have a clear vision for success, and the confidence and knowledge to get there. I highly recommend ntegrity Academy - you won't look back!"
Lynne Kooij
Ready to skill up?

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Tanya Ali
"ntegrity delivered bespoke digital training for my team. Their ability to meet our requirements and understand our context gave me the confidence to champion digital training to course participants and to my executives.

The actual presentation was flawlessly delivered, and all participants reported that they found the training useful, relevant and engaging. They now all have improved understanding of the role and importance of digital within their work areas."
Tanya Ali
Manager: Public Relations, Events and Communications
Manager: Public Relations, Events and Communications
Frequently Asked Questions

How is Academy different from other digital marketing courses?

This is the only full digital marketing strategy coursed created especially for people who want to use digital marketing for good. We created Academy specifically for NFPs and purpose-driven teams.

One-off digital marketing courses can help supplement a strong foundation, but they won’t offer sustained, holistic strategic training. Academy uses the same strategic framework that has worked, time and time again, with ntegrity’s clients, and guides you through each step of setting and executing your strategy. You’ll gain competence in digital channels and a digital strategy outlook.

How much does Academy cost?

Digital Academy from $250 (excl GST)

Best for self-paced learning

  • Choice of 16 different sessions
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Resources and worksheets available
  • Live chat room for support

Classroom Academy $3,000 (excl GST) until December 31

Best for 1-2 team members

  • Melbourne based
  • 16-week course
  • Access to Digital Academy
  • Next intake February 2020

Custom Academy from $7,500 (excl GST)

Best for in-house teams

  • Assessment on skills gaps
  • Training plan
  • Tailored training courses specific to your team’s needs

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, we offer payment plans at no additional cost. Please email us for more information about payment plan options.

Who is the course designed for?

ntegrity academy is best suited for:

  • Non-digital marketers who want to work more effectively with their digital team
  • Digital marketers or communications agents who want to gain confidence and cross-channel competence to grow their career
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get past tactics and use digital marketing strategically
  • Executives who need to gain digital fluency to thrive in the digital world

What do previous students say about the course?

Here’s what Academy graduates say about us:

“I like that there is something in each session I can take away to implement immediately.”

“I loved the tools that you’ve provided to implement to help understand user testing more.”

“Real examples used in the exercise provided helpful information to each of us.”

“Loved meeting multiple ntegrity people, other students, and the informal “vibe” allowing open discussion.”

Is it possible to only choose a few of the courses?

We’ve designed academy to be a continuous learning experience, with each lesson building on the knowledge from previous — so we do recommend the whole course if you can.

That being said, we may have seats available for individual sessions. Please email us for more details.

Can you bring Academy to my whole team?

Absolutely! For teams of 5 or more, we offer customised training, on location or in our Melbourne CBD office. Please email us to find out how Academy can help your whole team skill up.

I’m not sure if Academy is right for me. Can I speak with someone?

Of course! Give us a call on 1300 904 770. We’d be happy to discuss your needs.

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