Social Media Marketing

Cultivate a community of loyal brand ambassadors.

How does our social media marketing work?

We’ll start by analysing what you’re doing on social media to figure out where you can improve, how your competitors are performing and what your audience really want.

From here, we can plan, implement, and iterate rapidly. A social media strategy will provide clarity for your day-to-day and cut-through for your brand, outlining exactly which activities will give the best ROI for your time, effort and budget.

Next, we can help you scale for social media success, topping up your monthly content supplies, optimising ads and building workshops to help you craft better content, spread social media expertise and cultivate a content culture.

We take a test and learn approach to everything we do, ensuring you get the best ROI, while detailed monthly reports give you a pulse check on progress towards your big goals.

What you’ll get

Social media marketing, designed, implemented and optimised by specialists. That could include…

  • Social media strategy to ensure you’re tracking towards your big goals, and getting the best ROI.
  • Community management – we can monitor your social accounts to plug resource gaps and provide an expert’s touch.
  • Crisis management when something comes up and you need specialist guidance, stat.
  • Content marketing to supplement or supply all your monthly content.
  • Content workshops to nut out exactly what your audience wants, and tailor a content strategy to engage them.
  • Channel plans to direct your efforts where they’ll be most effective.
  • Social listening to see what your audience is saying, where they are, and what your competitors are up to.
  • Reporting and analytics for detailed analysis of social media performance.
  • Competitor analysis to see how other brands are navigating the social media space.
  • Social media advertising to drive your bottom line, encourage engagement and build a pool of strong prospects.


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