Mentoring, workshops & digital training to help your team reach new digital heights.

How does it work?

An investment in your team is an investment in a stronger business that drives better results. Tap into decades’ worth of skills and experience with mentoring, workshops and training from ntegrity’s network of digital specialists.

We’ll map a program tailored to where your team are at, and where you want to be going. We can provide one-on-one mentoring or build bespoke workshops to give 101 or advanced training in anything from social media to digital advertising and email automation, or help your leadership team think big with coaching on culture, brand and vision setting.

Your team will walk away with actionable skills they can start using straight away, and with ongoing mentoring or digital consulting, they’ll have an expert on-call to guide them as they find their wings.

What you get

Our bespoke program can help your team…

  • Define your organisation’s Digital Vision for the future.
  • Shape a Digital and Social Media Policy for your business.
  • Develop best practice Search Engine Optimisation skills.
  • Get the most of out of Google Grants for NFPs.
  • Become Social Media Advertising experts, whether they’re beginners or more advanced.
  • Craft a Collaborative Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Cultivate a Content Culture in your workplace.
  • Define or refine your competitive value proposition with a Branding Workshop.
  • Nurture customer relationships with Email Marketing Automation.
  • Develop a Community Management, Response & Risk Escalation Matrix.
  • Develop a robust Data Strategy.
  • Influence the Influencer by learning about influencer marketing.
  • Engage your younger staff with Professional Development Programs for millennials.
  • Manage High-Performance Digital Teams.
  • Work together better with Culture Hacking workshops.


The list goes on and is always evolving!

Find out how we can upskill your team for the digital-first economy.

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