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How do our email marketing services work?

We really love email, and we love driving real results, from donations to purchases, advocacy and survey responses. Whether you want to start sending better emails now, or need to step back and figure out what’s working or what’s not, our specialist email marketers can guide you through.

If you want to know the status quo, an Email Marketing Healthcheck will give a clear analysis of where optimisations are needed. An Email Marketing Strategy will map out who your audience is and what you should be sending them, from newsletters to email automation streams.

If you’re ready to jump in straight away, we can design and code custom email templates, help you build out your email automation strategy or give your monthly newsletters our magic touch. ✨

What you get

A solution tailored to your needs and budget, whether that’s…

  • An email health check: review of your existing email content, activity and performance, plus the processes and procedures that surround it.
  • An email strategy: develop an email marketing strategy to drive your bottom line, whether that’s purchases, donations, or advocacy.
  • A best practice email marketing guide: your guide to best practice, to make sure everyone knows what great email looks like, from content to measurement and ROI.
  • Email template build and design including wireframing, design, implementation and testing of the template in your preferred email platform.
  • Email content creation: copywriting, design and coding for email campaigns, newsletters, or automation streams.
  • Email automation: developing strategy, mapping journeys and building out automation streams.
  • Reporting: Our comprehensive reports are designed to help you clearly understand the impact of your digital marketing investment.


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