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How do our digital fundraising services work?

Standing out in the crowded fundraising space is all about strategic communications, not big budgets. The best place to start in getting you to that sweet spot is with a thorough health check of how you’re doing digitally. We’ll review your digital activities, assets and processes, map the digital maturity of your organisation and investigate your competitive landscape to form a clear picture of what’s working, what’s not and where the opportunities lie.

We’ll use these insights to build a digital fundraising strategy tailored to your organisation’s objectives, message and nuances. You’ll get more than a brilliant strategy: you’ll get a clear two-year plan to drive your bottom line.

From here, we can help roll out any and all of the elements in your strategy, allocate experts to manage your Adgrants, Facebook Advertising, email marketing or content, run workshops to upskill your team and get them working together towards shared goals, report on your progress and provide extra support during busy campaign periods.

What you get

Digital fundraising designed, implemented and managed by cause marketing specialists…

  • Digital fundraising audit or health check to give you a clear picture of where you can improve.
  • Digital fundraising strategy tailored to your organisation’s goals, needs and challenges.
  • Implementation and management across social media, digital advertising, email marketing, analytics and tracking – and more.
  • Google Grants management – as one of the only Google Endorsed and Certified AdWords partners operating in the not-for-profit space, we can review, optimise and manage your Adgrants account to make the most of your spend.
  • Digital fundraising campaign creation, implementation and management across digital advertising, email marketing and content.
  • Workshops, upskilling and mentoring to transform your staff into confident and capable digital practitioners, working together to shared goals.


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