Digital Audit

Our Digital Audits let the data do the talking.

How does a Digital Audit work?

We assess your organisation’s digital maturity by applying our research based framework for digital transformation. This discovery phase uncovers the strengths and weaknesses across the four pillars of digital success;  leadership, vision, resources and skills.

Our methodology enables us to thoroughly analyse your current digital capabilities, dive deep into an analysis of your digital channels and understand your competitive advantage in the wider market.

Leadership buy-in is imperative for long-term digital success and requires analysis. Understanding the current environment enables you to define your vision for digital across the organisation and strategically allocate resources to achieve it.

This audit service will provide a measure of your current digital maturity,  an overview of quick-wins you can implement immediately to get results, and foundations for developing your digital strategy.

What you get

A clear understanding of where you are, where you want to be and what needs to be implemented to get there.

  • An assessment of your organisation’s digital maturity as it aligns to the four pillars of digital success: leadership, vision, skills and resources.
  • Channel-by-channel analysis: website, email marketing, digital advertising, search marketing, social media, CRM.
  • The wider digital landscape: an investigation of your industry, competitors and audience in order to leverage your comparative advantage. .
  • User journeys: A review of your brand’s customer or donor journey.
  • Development and alignment of your organisational wide digital vision
  • Strategic recommendations: A comprehensive list of quick-win and long-term digital solutions, ordered by priority.


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