The future of your brand rests on the shoulders of digital. Much like TV did to radio, digital will conquer. Is your brand ready to take the next step?

Is your brand ready to embrace digital-

First things first, push marketing is dead and buried. The “BUY IT NOW” mentality no longer works.

Content marketing is the secret weapon of modern-day marketers. It’s the form of marketing which focuses on engagement above all else.  Long gone are the days of push marketing, where marketers force their message onto their customers. It was a technique developed for a world of mass manufacturing, and therefore it’s a technique that is severely outdated. We have shifted away from mass production, which means we also need to move away from mass marketing. The idea of simply appealing to the whole market no longer works.

Even in as little as five years, marketing has evolved and developed into a living and breathing art form. Think about online marketing five years ago compared to online marketing now. Just looking at Facebook’s advertising changes in the last five years is enough to understand the speed of evolution in the digital world.

The digital success of your brand doesn’t depend on a strategy shift, but instead a psychological shift

Just the other day I spoke with a friend of mine who works as a marketing coordinator. He was recently instructed to find a way to automate 3-4 posts a day on Facebook. Nothing more. No content strategy. No strategy whatsoever. Just set and forget.

Hearing these stories never ceases to amaze me.

Content marketing or ‘pull marketing’ is heavily dependent on building relationships. Creating and sustaining these long-lasting relationships with customers is imperative, as they are ultimately the most important asset of any business.

Content marketing allows you to engage in a way that makes the customer want to seek you out. This requires work. It can’t be done within the typical timeframe of a campaign. It can’t be done through a mere strategy shift. It is done over the entire lifespan of your brand, and it is driven by a psychological shift.

I’m sure it’s happened before. You’ve prepared a presentation to your client on your digital strategy, and after all that work, they simply respond with a face of confusion, “But what’s the ROI?”.

We are living in an awkward time. We have an eager generation of marketers working for managers who are reluctant to change because push-marketing is what got their company to where it is now. So they cling to using digital channels in the same passive and unresponsive way they would use television: pushing content into the faces of consumers.

In order for digital to thrive in Australia, we need a new school of thought. Be brave and take a risk. Embrace digital. You’ll be surprised at what can be achieved.

Stay tuned as we’ll be providing a mini-series of blogs that aim to help marketers begin their New Years with a bang! We’ll discuss: preparing a content strategy, building relationship for your brand and the importance of EDM. Follow us on our social platforms or sign-up to our mailing list to receive updates.

We’d love to hear what being brave in your organisation means. Have you made the leap into the exciting new world of digital yet?

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