At ntegrity, we are fortunate enough to work with some really amazing clients.

That is certainly the case with One Just World, a series of public forums that connect Aussies  to discussions about international aid and development issues, like healthcare, poverty, social justice, gender equality, foreign aid and refugees.


The crowd at the Lost In Translation? Develop vs. Tradition forum at Deakin Edge, Melbourne

One Just World came to us a year ago with a goal: to continue the conversations that happened in the “real world” through online platforms and to make the most of their very limited budget- Luckily, we love a challenge!

And as you can see in the infographic, the results have been pretty incredible.

An awesome infographic showing the results of our collaboration with One Just World this year.

An awesome infographic showing the results of our collaboration with One Just World this year. Click the image for a bigger version)

In just one year, One Just World has reached over 749,000 people, incited 10,231 conversations about key international issues and inspired 4,273 people to attend OJW forums across the country.

So, how did we do this?

1 . Managed, Trained and Mentored

ntegrity took  temporary control of One Just World’s social accounts so we could spend time training and mentoring the team  to give them the skills and confidence they needed to successfully manage their own profiles.

2.  Recruited influencers

We reached out to key figures in the international development space and asked them to share our content and come to forums, and got speakers to share their experience on their own social media profiles, before, during and after events.

3. Shared the experience

We live-tweeted and posted on Facebook during events in Melbourne and Sydney which resulted in One Just World trending on twitter, in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia-wide.

4. Held Twitter forums

Using the One Just World twitter account we held regular twitter Q&As with experts, designed to ignite interest and drive audience members to upcoming events.

5. Worked with an awesome team

None of this would have been possible without the cooperation, support and sheer enthusiasm and willingness of the One Just World staff, who truly embraced us as a member of their team and weren’t afraid to work really hard to achieve these results.

The very last One Just World event for 2013, Equality: The Linchpin of Successful Development will take place in Canberra this week, for more information head to