If you use Instagram like 130 million other people around the world you may have been surprised to see the addition of video to the popular photo sharing app. Or you may have been expecting it for sometime as a natural addition to the app. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Yes, now you can video your lunch.

But, did you share video to twitter before the update to Instagram? 118 million of you mostly didn’t but if you did you probably used Vine (owned by twitter) purely to share video content via Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to Instagram Video  - Instagram vs Vine

How has Instagram killed vine?

Vine by comparison to Instagram has had a slow start with just over 13 million users and really has struggled to attract the everyday user that Instagram has. It’s only niche has been a purely video experience that is clean and very simple. Instragram is able to offer a much richer video sharing experience on a platform that 130 million people already know and love.

Go on…

In the first 24 hours of video being available on Instagram, over 5 million videos were shared (along with approximately 45 million still images), this is in comparison to vines estimated 1 million video shares per day. The switch prompted some twitter uses to question whether they should switch to Instagram for their video needs, and others just stating the obvious.

Jenna Johnson Vine Instagram vs VineJenna Marbles Vine. Instagram vs Vine

 Why is Instagram Video better than Vine?

Instagram Vine
Video length 15 seconds 6.5 seconds
Image stabilization Yes No
Photo Map Yes No
Video editing Yes No
Community size 130 million 13 million
Filters (why does nobody rock Kelvin?) Yes No


Did Vine ever stand a chance?

It’s important to remember that Vine is a relatively new service (launched January 2013) and was the first popular video sharing app. In those 6 months since the launch they’ve managed to rack up a sizeable community of 12-13 million. The reality is however that Vine is now competing with Instagram a 3 year old, Facebook owned behemoth with over 130 million active users. To be successful in video all Instagram had to do was not screw up the implementation, with a community so large and engaged Vine never stood a chance.

Is Vine dead?

Well no. Vine at present still maintains a status as the most popular video only sharing app and is still in regular use and won’t go down without a fight. Expect Vine to react with new functionality over the coming months the question is will those who use can Vine continue to grow with Instragram offering video to its enormous community?


Do you think Vine is dead? Have you say in the comments below.