Do you have a dedicated community manager looking after your brand’s social media presence? If you do high five! One of the hardest things to do when managing your brand’s social presence across a number of platforms is finding and creating enough content to keep your fans interested and engaged. For example if your target is 100 tweets per week it will be quite a bit of work to find interesting and engaging content to share with your followers. Trust us! Don’t be afraid of the hungry content monster that each week is demanding a delicious quota of content to feast on. Here are five simple ways to feed the content monster and make your job easier.

1. Use analytics. Look at what is popular amongst your followers and fans. You’ll be surprised what they are most likely to click or engage with. Find out what this is and find/create content to please them. PLEASE THEM

2. Plan. I love and hate content plans. I hate them because they give you the impression that all your content needs to be planned weeks in advance. Social media needs to be nimble and react to what is happening in your brands world. I love them because they force you to find, create and perfect content. You don’t have to use the plan but creating it gives you content that you can use when you need it and you’ll love them when you have a busy week and no time to find content. Winning!

3. Be inspired. Look at what your competitors, your industry and inspiring brands are posting and see if similar content will work for you. Everyone has created a “top 5 ways”(oh wait) at some stage so you can too.

4. Look inside. YOUR staff hold a lot more content than you think, they may not have any interest in social media but they are working in your brand day in and day out and know it inside out. Make the time to source content from them. You will be surprised what your staff can provide.

5. Look outside. Peek outside your brand. You don’t need to talk about yourself the whole time. I’ve said this before, treat it like a date, no one wants to date someone who talks about themselves the whole time.  Find content that is topical, popular and relevant about your industry, popular culture and your customers.

Overwhelmed much? Don’t be. Take the time to find and curate content and you will be rewarded with a much more vibrant social media presence.