5 years ago I met Darren Rowse in a coffee shop. I had no idea who he was or why he was headed to Tanzania with CBM Australia. It only took one Google search to realise that Darren was a homegrown celebrity.

Darren, aka ProBlogger, has grown an international blogging empire out of his home in Melbourne. He is a big deal – literally up there with Seth Godin.

From growing some of the world’s most popular blogs, to founding the the ProBlogger event, Darren is a driving force in growing the blogging industry around the world. His empowering advice has helped people quit their jobs and start a new life for themselves.

Darren is also a ridiculously inspirational guy.

To say thank you to ntegrity’s amazing staff, clients and friends at our birthday party, Darren shared his story and some advice on chasing your dreams.

Got an idea burning inside you? This is a must watch.