This Christmas there are four must-have Not for Profit messages that your audience will love as much as their egg nog…
1. Say thank you

As the year draws to a close, let your supporters know that they mean a lot to your organisation. A little recognition goes a long way, even when it isn’t prompted by a material exchange.

2. Get seasonal
If you love Michael Buble’s Christmas album and everyone in your office is gorging themselves on advent calendar chocolate, let the masses know! That warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling is better when shared. Take the time to be personable, fun and human!

3. Be you
Don’t just offer Christmas specials for the heck of it. Reflect on your values and company promise so that your marketing strategy isn’t compromised in a period of frenzied selling. Your supporters will appreciate the difference.

4. Reflect
So, this is Christmas… and what have you done? Sum up the year with great achievements – milestones and events – and finish it off with a little gushing about how your audience has made it all possible.

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