How does digital PR & influencer marketing work?

2 out of 5 readers have purchased a new product or service in the past 12 months after reading about it on an influencer’s blog – double that of magazines and TV. Build an influencer marketing and digital PR strategy that builds genuine brand advocates.

The most effective relationships are built on authentic connection. That’s why we do digital PR and influencer marketing with a focus on long-term results and sustained activity – not one-off campaigns. We base our strategies on your objectives, to make you the thought-leader – the it brand, the in crowd – and to leverage the most powerful form of marketing: word of mouth.

We help you spread your message to the places your users are already going, in a way that resonates with them. We’ll suggest creative solutions to make sure influencers are crafting an authentic interpretation of your message, and find creative angles for your stories that will really get their audiences talking.

We’ll identify and reach out to the people and publications with real clout in your field, then build relationships, share your story and deepen these bonds over time. These connections are forged between the influencer and your brand, so they stay in your domain.

What you get

Influencer marketing & PR strategy and consulting done by digital experts…

  • PR strategy & media plans – identify the messages, publications and influencers that will reach new audiences, resonate and build brand advocates.
  • Influencer marketing strategy – find online influencers with real clout, to take your brand to people who are ready to hear your message.
  • Outreach & relationship building – we’ll start the conversation, forge connections and build deep, long-term relationships for your brand.
  • Message creation & testing – we’ll craft and test messages, angles and stories to find the approach that resonates most with your audience.


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