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How does a Digital Audit work? 

First, we take a deep-dive into your data to tell us how users are really engaging with your channels. Then, we look wider to get insights on what your competitors are doing, where your audience are and how they’re talking.

It’s also really important to get your team involved in the process, so we’ll also speak with them to nut out how they’re using digital, what they think the challenges are and where they need support or training.

All of this will be underpinned by your specific objectives, whether you just want to know if your social media, email or digital advertising are getting the best ROI, how your digital strategy is performing, or what leakages need to be fixed, stat.

What you get

A clear summary of what’s working, what’s not, what the opportunities are and our quick-win and longer-term recommendations for plugging the gaps and getting ahead.

  • Channel-by-channel analysis: website, email marketing, digital advertising, search marketing, social media.
  • An internal conditions analysis, evaluating your team, tools, processes, internal culture, and digital maturity.
  • The wider digital landscape: an investigation of your industry, competitors and audience.
  • User journeys: A review of your brand’s customer or donor journey.
  • Recommendations: A comprehensive list of quick-win and long-term digital solutions, ordered by priority.


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