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How do our implementation and management services work?

Whether you need extra support to plug a resource gap, need to quickly execute and manage a campaign or want to take your digital efforts to the next level, we’re on hand to help.

We’ll take a test and learn approach as we go, meaning you’ll get better ROI the longer we’re managing your digital channels, and see detailed and transparent reports on how things are performing and what we’ll do next to improve even more.

Empowerment is at the heart of everything we do, so we’ll make sure you feel more confident and capable to take over again when you’re ready – or help onboard someone new when it’s time.

What you get

Leverage the collective expertise of our digital strategists to get the most out of your channels. We have specialists in:

  • Digital Advertising: ntegrity is a Google endorsed and Certified Adwords Partner, which means we can help you get the best ROI on every digital advertising dollar. We can also maximise your investment on social media, with bespoke creative campaigns and hands-on management.
  • Content & Social Media Marketing: we have content marketing strategists, writers, editors and designers coming out of our ears. From blogs to SEO-friendly web content or custom-made branded social media posts – if you need to craft some compelling content to drive your bottom line, look no further.
  • Website Project Management: if you need to make website changes (big or small) or completely start from scratch, we can help with briefing, content creation, vendor selection, Google Analytics tracking requirements and project management.
  • Email Marketing and Automation Stream design:  Regular and timely connection with your audience of supporters or donors is super important to maintaining great engagement. We can help you get the most out of your automation platforms to strategically onboard new customers or build better relationships with your current community, whether this is through automation streams, newsletters or once-off campaign emails.
  • Reporting: we’ll dig deep into your data to clearly tell you what’s working, what’s not and where the opportunities lie. You’ll get a clear picture of digital ROI, along with actionable recommendations to start improving now. All of this will be compiled in a detailed but easy to understand report, so you can show the rest of your organisation exactly how things are tracking.
  • PR and influencer outreach: We can identify the influencers and media outlets with real clout in your industry, help you hone a compelling story and build and maintain relationships. Most importantly: we make sure you own these relationships, not us.
  • Capability workshops and training: if you’ve identified some skills gaps, we can build a series of workshops or training sessions to equip your team with the knowledge they need.
  • Mentoring: if your staff would benefit from one-on-one time with an expert digital mentor, book in some once-off or ongoing sessions so we can support their growth in both skills and confidence.
  • Interim-digital leadership: While you find the right people to lead or be part of your digital team, we can be on-site to drive your implementation plan forward and deliver results from the get go. Once you are up and running we’ll seamlessly transition so you manage everything in-house.
  • Recruiting services: ntegrity has a vast network that we can call upon to source potential digital stars to fill roles in your organisation. We can develop position descriptions and job ads, review candidates and make shortlists, be part of interview panels and design and deliver tests to ensure they’re the right fit.
  • Culture hacking: All companies have hot pockets of culture success: teams with great ideas, who collaborate well and get the job done. We can help you identify and replicate these pockets to get the momentum going in your digital transformation journey.


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