Helping WaterAid achieve their most successful water challenge yet

WaterAid, a large not for profit in the UK, was being held back by a limited brand recognition in Australia. We helped them drive acquisitions for Water Challenge 2017 with new & improved strategic messaging and creatives, while smashing sign-up targets to achieve a 450% increase from the previous year.
percent increase of registrations from the previous year
percent conversion rate
percent average click-through-rate on Facebook Advertising

Wateraid’s most successful campaign yet

WaterAid Australia engaged us to drive acquisitions for their 2017 Drink Just Water challenge after failing to make an impact the previous year.

Our activity began with campaign strategy planning, including a review of past campaign performance and KPI/goal-setting – in order to develop the right targets, set budget and create the right strategic messaging and creatives.

We then implemented a targeted advertising campaign through Facebook and Google, that included split testing, learning and optimising to achieve the best results and a campaign reached nearly 8 million people.

We also provided WaterAid with mentoring and consulting, making strategic recommendations on landing page optimisation and cross-domain tracking issues.

They were thrilled with the results and are making internal decisions to further prioritise digital acquisition activity based on our campaign.