Case Study

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Paving the way to Digital Transformation

We began with a full-scale digital audit to understand the current gambling landscape. Listening tools, user group interviews and audience behaviour formed the backbone of our research, and allowed for deep analysis and thorough understanding of how people truly interact with gambling in Australia.

We found that VRGF was silenced and hidden by the saturated market of gambling companies, and needed a roadmap to become a digital leader & turn the industry on its head.

These initial insights formed the basis of a two-year, digital-first cultural transformation strategy focusing on strengthening brand and using bespoke customer journey mapping to identify key touch points for VRGF to intercept gambling messaging online.

Empowering an organisation from within

But VRGF needed more than a strategy to move forward: the team needed assistance to understand digital and transition to a digital thinking organisation. So, ntegrity provided an in-house strategist to champion, empower and continually coach VRGF staff on all components of the digital strategy.

Our in-house strategist allowed us to give on-the-spot advice, expertise and guidance to not only help VRGF staff implement our strategy, but also pave the way for a complex government organisation to change their approach from the inside-out.

At the end of seven weeks, actionable insights and recommendations were provided to continue VRGF’s transition to a digital-first organisation, including VRGF becoming confident to take back ownership of digital accounts from agencies and produce their own reports and insights. We also produced detailed guidelines for social media management and measurement.

Today, the importance of digital has become an innate, organisation-wide understanding: data and a test-and-learn approach are at the heart of all efforts, giving more visibility and control than ever before. Meanwhile, various teams are learning how to seek out and create content beyond campaigns; the beginnings of a savvy content marketing mindset.

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