Building digital capabilities and confidence to transform a property developer into an industry leader

Newland, a leading developer of sustainable residential communities, was failing to make an impact online with a small marketing team and poor management by other digital agencies. They approached us to be an extension of their marketing team and we in turn equipped them with the skills and confidence to take the reigns themselves.
percent growth in social communities in 12-months
percent increase in daily engaged users
dollars was the incredible average Adwords cost-per-lead for new land & home purchases

Starting right: Assessing Newland’s digital confidence

Newland wanted to get more out of their underperforming and flailing digital channels. But before we got to work on building their digital impact, we began with an assessment of their organisation’s digital maturity, including analysing their team and agency’s digital capabilities, digital channels, and market competitiveness of their three brands: Belmond, Mandalay and Warralily.

We uncovered a lot of flaws in their key channels (social, search, website and email), and determined what resources and skills they needed to grow their impact. We made strategic quick-win and long-term recommendations for improvement, and they were so impressed with them, we became an extension of their team straight away.

An extension of their team

Collaborating with the Newland team, we not only managed their search, social, website and content writing activities but developed their digital capabilities at the same time.  We were able to achieve amazing results in community growth and engagement, and get the average Adword cost-per-lead as low as $397 for a new land and home package. When the time was right Newland felt confident and equipped to take on the management their own digital.


We have loved working with the ntegrity team! We have gained so much from the relationship, especially the invaluable learnings we have gained in Search and Social Media which has given us confidence to manage the work ourselves. That’s true empowerment.
- Sally Steinkrug, Newland