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Australians Together

Using the past to inform (not shape) the pathway to reconciliation

In 2015, Australians Together was struggling to show their relevance to the wider public. They enlisted us to build a Digital Strategy that would guide our nation towards a tipping point of recognition.

We began with an in-depth analysis piece that explored online conversation and search trends. It revealed a highly politicised and emotionally-charged conversation, dominated by the most polarising voices. This was keeping the majority of Australians at arm’s length from the topic. Further analysis of AT’s digital channels revealed that they were mainly reaching students completing assignments.

They had a long way to go to influence over 23 million people with a message that most found hard to swallow – or didn’t care about at all.

Finding new ways of creating and leading powerful conversations

We workshopped audience personas and triggers with the AT team, identifying 8 distinct groups for them to strategically target. This was translated into our bespoke user engagement framework. It broke down user journeys into defined phases, to make them more measurable. Seeing their audience journeys mapped into this framework and aligned with tactics was revolutionary for the AT team. They could see clearly how digital was the key to achieving their vision of building mutual tolerance, respect and understanding.

An extension of their team that delivers results

Since 2015, we’ve been an extension of the AT team, tasked with making this vision a reality.

Through a long-term retainer, we have empowered them to launch Facebook and grow the community by 88% in 4 months, map user-focused email automation journeys, apply for a Google AdGrants account and establish their first search campaigns, create Facebook Advertising campaigns to grow their community and generate email leads and build a bespoke, automated measurement tool to track progress. We’ve run workshops on mapping the UX and content required for a more effective website and cultivating a content culture that sees stories come from all corners of the organisation.

Most importantly, we continue to point to the digital vision, meet regularly with AT’s CEO and leadership team to bring the whole organisation on this journey, and mentor staff to grow their digital acumen and make them stronger internal digital champions.

Stewart Bogle
We see ntegrity as a key extension of our team. Their strategic intelligence doesn’t stop at delivering a digital strategy, but has extended to regular mentoring, training, strategy implementation, workshop facilitation and a commitment to regularly learning and responding as tactics are activated and the market responds. ntegrity have embraced who we are as an organisation, have helped us understand ourselves better and continue to champion our cause. We could not have found a better digital partner.
Stewart Bogle
Executive Director
Executive Director
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