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Australians Together

The challenge

Australians Together (AT) is a not-for-profit organisation that believes better outcomes for Indigenous Australians begin with changing attitudes in our society. By listening to the voices of Indigenous Australians, they help non-indigenous people learn the true story of our shared history so that both are willing to build solutions together.

If there’s one day in the year when Australians are thinking about our nation’s relationship to our First Peoples, it’s Australia Day. AT knew that to be relevant and to capture the most attention,  they needed to be vocal before and during January 26, 2018. 

Changing the conversation on social media

Initial research identified that the majority of Australians felt conflicted about celebrating January 26, but didn’t know what to do about it. The majority of Australians also didn’t feel adequately equipped with the facts. 

We knew the best way to grab the attention of a disengaged audience would be to create something that was more interactive than the typical branded content in print or on TV. It also needed to be easy to share, so advocates could pass onto their friends and networks.

The result was an interactive and engaging timeline that contrasts Australia’s (traditional) “white settler” narrative with the stories and experiences of Indigenous Australians. Which you can see

Pride and Pain Australia Day campaign

In collaboration with AT, we developed an award-winning campaign to better engage the ‘average’ Australian, with the goal to change the tone of the conversation about Indigenous issues from negative and hostile to positive and encouraging.

We seeded the timeline out across social media, through content and advertising, search engine advertising (where people were already seeking information on Australia Day) and via email to AT’s database, church partners, and other like-minded influencers and organisations.

As a data-driven marketing agency, we set clear goals around what was considered a success for the Australia Day campaign. With an available budget of $3,000 specifically allocated for paid promotion, we were aiming for 10,000 unique visits. This was more than doubled throughout the campaign.


timeline visits in 2 weeks
75% of traffic
driven by social media
cost per click
35.5% open rate
10%+ higher than average rate
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