Why your NFP Should be on Instagram or Not!

Instagram is no longer an app just for teenagers or edgy brands. Instagram is a well established social platforms in the leagues of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. There are over 55 million photos shared daily and with more than 150 million monthly active users.

Currently 42 per cent of Australia’s most reputable charities have an active Instagram presence, many others have accounts but they are inactive.

For Not for Profits the opportunity to use Instagram as part of an integrated social media strategy is crucial to reaching the youth market, maximising current digital assets and meeting the expectations of donors.

Here are three reasons why the ntegrity team thinks you should be on instagram:

1. You will excel

We work with a number of Not for Profits who do amazing work and have inspiring stories to tell. The images that are available from this work create content that most brands envy – how enticing can you really make toothpaste or chocolate milk? Images of food distribution, smiling families, mercy flights, committed staff members create authentic, emotional and inspiring images that the Instagram audience love. Not for profit content – when well crafted- creates organic engagement, meaning easy “likes”.

2. You will reach new audiences

Using Instagram’s hashtags you can find your donors, people talking about you or people who share your organisation’s values or beliefs. This is an easy and effective way to develop relationships and connect with those who may not be connected digitally with your organisation. Proactive outreach also increases the visibility of the organisation among the youth market and allows NFPs to connect with influencers who may have large followings.

3. Your will meet the expectations of donors

If you are sharing images and videos on Facebook and Twitter it’s expected that you have an Instagram account. Donors want to see the impact of their contributions and get a peek into the behind the scenes operations of your organisation. Instagram is the perfect platform to serve images of both campaigns and the operations behind them with the added advantage of easy-to-capture video.

Before you get excited and set up your organisation’s Instagram account there are two instances where it may be best to postpone or not invest in Instagram.

1. Your donors and audience in general are over 40

Data shows that the over 40 age group only accounts for 8 per cent of the total number of Instagram users in Australia. Unless you would like to build an under 40 donor base, don’t use resources on a platform that isn’t going to deliver results.

2. If your digital isn’t performing, do the basics right first

Too often we find organisations will neglect their website or email strategy and embark on building their social media community. Without a well-designed website that converts prospects to donors, there is limited value building a social community on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, especially if you are focused on acquisition. A high performing website and engaging email strategy has the highest return on investment.

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