Meet our new strategist: Romena!

Meet Romena, our newest ntegrite digital strategist specialising in analytics search and social!

Romena has spent most of her digital career in the USA working for publishers and non profits in New York and San Francisco. She’s come from one of the world’s leading health websites, Greatist, where she was leading digital partnerships, Influencer campaigns and affiliate marketing opportunities.

What’s your favourite emoji and why?

I’d have the say the champagne bottle. I love that Champagne is whipped out when there’s something to be celebrated and personally, I don’t think we celebrate as much as we should. As humans, we can be pretty hard on ourselves and it’s really easy to overlook the little wins like nailing a new client, going for a run, or simply not snoozing the alarm for once – I love using the champagne emoji to celebrate something we’re proud of doing (whether or not an actual champagne bottle gets popped is another story).  

The coolest project you’ve ever worked on?

I couldn’t choose just one, so here’s two…

Last year I was sent to Orlando, Florida by Zumba. Greatist and Zumba co-produced a couple of Facebook lives at the world’s biggest Zumba convention – #Zincon. We filmed a live Zumba class in front of millions worldwide. By collaborating with a significantly bigger fitness brand, Greatist was able to increase Facebook fan growth immensely while also having access to great content. It was a pretty amazing experience – I met hundreds of instructors from all over the world and saw the impact that the dance class had made in their lives. Also, I met Shaggy so that was pretty cool.

At Greatist, I got to work on a social media experiment called GreatistYou. Basically, we challenged five people from around the country to crush a major health goal.This included running a marathon, winning a boxing fight, losing 10 kgs, and doing the Whole30. The contestants went live on Snapchat and Instagram every day, broadcasting their journeys for everyone to see. Greatist fans followed and supported the contestants every step of the way. This was really beautiful to see as contestants didn’t feel isolated and alone (something that’s easy to feel when you’re doing something nobody else is). Contestants also became content contributors to the site, this resulted in more traffic for Greatist as well as increased our social media followings.

What’s is one thing the US is doing in digital that we’re not.

Brands, particularly products are slowly becoming content powerhouses – Budweiser isn’t just selling beer and making commercials anymore, they’re producing video series, writing engaging blog content, using online influencers, and executing campaigns that are digital first. In the past, these services would be outsourced to advertising agencies, video production companies and publishers. They’re leveraging their current followers by creating engaging content that can’t help but share and through this, Budweiser is organically reaching new, like-minded audiences.

Your 2017 digital prediction?

Influencers are going to be more important than ever and email is going to benefit from extreme personalization and customization.

What makes you and ntegrity a dream-match?

When I’m not geeking out over analytics and data, I spend most of my time doing anything that’s personal development related (self-care, exercise, and meditation are my jam). ntegrity encourages a very heavy feedback culture which is something most workplaces don’t do enough of. Feedback is an opportunity for you to thrive and be a better version of yourself, however, it can be super scary and in most cases, is avoided. I like to embrace the hard conversations and so does ntegrity, so it’s basically a dream match.  

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